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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

Originally Posted by brittc89
I break a lot of sticks, and really it for me comes down to the style of playing. I use a lot of shots and heavy playing when I play most styles of music, excluding small combo stuff, but it shouldnt bother you to break sticks. If you practice enough, theyre bound to break.
Yes so true...we shouldn't bother about sticks breaking. Afterall they are mean't to be broken though I had never broken one before, chipped & dented sticks I had plenty etc. If sticks don't break, chipped or get dented or damaged in any way...Vic, Vater and many other companies will go bust in no time...kekekeke...They are probably make not to last too long.

As a matter of fact, I love to use my drum sticks that are very with chips somewhere on the shaft or dents...and never never use Brand New Sticks. I really feel good as others will probably view me as "A Very Hardworking Drummer" ..... and I hope not otherwise as "Boy this guy really torture his Kit"...kekekeke... I always have a sense of accomplishment when New sticks get damaged somehow...It really means I am really working very hard on my drumming nowadays and feel good deep inside.

Cheers everyone.
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