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Default My 80's Gretsch USA Costum drumkit and other stuff.

Decided to finally take some pictures of my lovelies. They're great for recording.

Gretsch USA costum. Sizes: 10*, 12*, 14*, 15*. (last not showing in the pictures).
Ian Paice sig snare drum 14*
Remo Roto-toms(in the back)
Aranoff cowbell.
7a stik

Zildjian A costum 18* and 12*.
Sabian HHX 13* Hi-hats, 21* AAX ride(also from the 80's), 14* El sabor picante hand-crash.
Pearl P1000 pitchshifter basspedal and hihat-stand.


ps. I know theyre abit dusty, but I'll clean them soon.
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