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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

Originally Posted by brittc89
I have to respectfully disagree.

You cant get a correct rim shot sound unless your stick is hitting the rim,

wear through a sick faster than a hi-hat. Also,

jazz music does not incorporate near the power and rimshots as rock and metal in almost every instance. If your using as many rimshots in jazz as in heavy metal, your wading, if not over, the edge of being stylistically incorrect.
My opinion based on what I'm being taught by my Instructor.

Yes you are absolutely that a Rim shot means hitting on the Rims....but getting a loud sound using a Rim_shot...doesn't means full-force hitting the sticks real hard on the rim. In techniques, Loud doesn't means hitting with great force.

I am not so sure about wearing sticks from Hi-hats. Techniques taught to me in accenting Hi-Hats is - When you accent the hit the Hi-Hat with the shaft of the sticks FLAT-DOWN like parallel, and ghost hi-hat using tips which is just merely lifting up the sticks after the accent....a natural motion...So therefore wearing of sticks in hitting hi-hat is few.

Yes jazz music does not incorporate near the power and rimshots as rock and metal in almost every instance.

But I think ... in jazz they too uses quite a lot of rim-shot & ghosting played in a very nice & soothing manner based on the techniques on Accenting I describe as above.

PS: Honestly I do not know if drummers who play very heavy Metal or Rock have to really Use Full-Strength to do a Rim-Shot as the Music is different...but my Instructor always remind me and watch my sticking whenever I do a Fast Rim Shot Accenting in Stick Control Exercises and it has to be really consistent in overall loudness (as it sound good & smooth) when blends with the soft ghosting in an entire exercises. He always tells me...In drumming, playing loud is a technique and it doesn't means you have to wack the drums real hard..cause every drummer here in my country knows that my instructor is exceptionally particular over drum techniques. Many a times when I do accenting he has to tell me "Your sticks is too high and you are hitting too hard on the Rims"...Oooops so...I have to be on my toes always.
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