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Of course i know a lot of you like to have raw recordings. That's fine too. I guess there is something quite nice about listening to an old recording.
'Raw' and 'Old' are not necessarily synonymous, either. Take the very idea of glitch (a pet topic of mine at the moment) and you start to realise that the aesthetic of imperfection spreads far further than you think. Glitch purposely accentuates the flaws in the digital processing model (alias, clicks, etc) to create something that is purposely 'raw' - although that's probably one of the worst ways of describing it. Go and listen to some of Thom Yorke's solo album (I suggest 'Atoms for Peace' and 'Cymbal Rush') to hear glimpses of (accessible) glitch. There's whirring, buzzing, clicks and pops going on all over the shop and it's a good introduction to what post-digitalism can do. Of course, that's only a small part of the music, and it's not 'glitch' in the strictest sense, but it does have glitch elements.
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