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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.


Just to let you know I have been playing the Delights shown below for some time now. Also,some time ago I got to play a gig on a Pearl Reference. I can guarantee that there is no comparison.The Delight are so much more superior in everything.The sound is great,perfect for a drum kit,it is so versatile. And what I also like,and which lacks alot in other high end drum kits, is the detail in workmanship. Hardware,lugs,screws,everything is made tohigh standard,and they make the kit look beautiful.

I also have another sonor,a Force2001 (I think). I recoded an album with it and eveyone (including the producer) told me how beautiful the drums sound. Now I can't wait to record a new album with my Delights. If you want to hear a song I recorded just go to That is an unmasterd version.

regards :)

P.S I will add some other photoes later.
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