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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
My experience is a stick is a stick is a stick (as long is it is from one of the major manufacturers). If you are breaking sticks, then you are 'beating' a drum and not 'playing' it.

Sticks should wear out at the shoulder (drumset, highhat) and the tip. Usually when you ride the ride a lot, the laquer on the tip wears through and you 'flat-spot' the bead, which gives it a different sound.

Flat out breaking a stick is just evil drumming!

For all you metal heads out there, you don't think Country music, or Jazz music has moments of constant high volume rim shots? Rim shots on a snare dont' break sticks. I would say I could whittle through the shoulder of a stick and break it faster at a funk show than I would ever break a stick at a rock gig.

And Finn, can you honestly say that a Pro-Mark SD1 is any better, or even different, than a Vic-Firth SD1?

I'll use any brand of the major manufacturers. More importantly the one I think is the best is the one that would like to sponsor me (banned smiley here)
I have to respectfully disagree. Rimshots have to take a toll on sticks. You cant get a correct rim shot sound unless your stick is hitting the rim, which I absolutely guarentee will wear through a sick faster than a hi-hat or normal storke on a drum excluding the rim. Also, jazz music does not incorporate near the power and rimshots as rock and metal in almost every instance. If your using as many rimshots in jazz as in heavy metal, your wading, if not over, the edge of being stylistically incorrect.
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