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Default Re: Something to Ponder

I have to agree with MFB on this one i think. Really the auto tune is an effect that can be used not just as a pitch correcting device, but to add an effect to the singer's voice, like a talkbox or something. It's sad that it's used in such a way to make un tuneful singers sing in tune. However what you have to remember is that it's not just about singing in tune. Most bands you see are crap not because their singer can't sing in tune, but because their singer doesn't put any sort of effort into their singing. They think it's just like "oh well if i hit the right note with the right word then that's okay". It's something i like to call the "guitar hero effect" it's not been created by guitar hero but i reckon it helps reinforce this misconception that music is just about hitting the right note at the right time. It's got little to do with that. Just like a great guitar player understands the importance of being able to not just play the guitar, but do it WELL, so does a great singer understand the importance of singing with passion and emotion, not just churning out the right words at the right pitch in the way that requires the least effort. I also think that perhaps some singers who are otherwise quite good in terms of performance might find themselves daunted by the whole studio thing and obsess over getting the right notes and exactly the right time and not think so much about how they actually sound. So really i'm with caddy on this one. If i recorded a singer i'd like to have autotune simply so i can say to them "alright, don't worry if you sing one or two notes wrong, just give it your best possible performance" sort of thing.

Of course i know a lot of you like to have raw recordings. That's fine too. I guess there is something quite nice about listening to an old recording.
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