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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
If you are breaking sticks, then you are 'beating' a drum and not 'playing' it.

Rim shots on a snare dont' break sticks.
With proper Rim-Shot shouldn't break the stick and I agree on this.

Even Accenting & Ghosting - In accenting rim-shot even when you do a multiple Rim-shot in 16th notes should not break when using correct techniques as I found out.

With techniques, you don't really wack hard to get a loud's how you hit it. As a matter of fact...Accenting sound most beautiful & smooth, when the accented rim-shot is lifted slightly above snare and you actually don't need to hit it real hard to get the accent (the correct way). For those who is still trying to acquire the skills on accenting (like me when I first started) ... it is indeed normal to hit rim-shot harder initially...but through time & practice. One will know that the best Accenting Exercises on rim-shot is never to hit hard on Rims ...technically also it is really wrong to do accenting hitting real hard (at the same time of course we need to control the ghost notes as soft as possible)....that's the reason why drumming needs lots of practice and stick control is not easy.
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