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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Bob, love your setup. It reminds me of when I saw the drumkit of John Bliss, drummer of The Reels in our rehearsal studio complex (John, if you ever read this, I couldn't resist having a little go on your kit because it looked so good but I promise I played gently and put your sticks back in place!). He had a kick, an open snare (no shell), a pair of mounted bongos and a big floor tom (if I remember correctly it was 18"). Every piece in the kit sounded fabulous. (Hear The Reels in the 1980s at:

Ash, an imaginative use of a floor tom. How's it sound? The ride rig is both inventive and a crack-up :)

KZ, I imagined the double cymbal setup would make a racket :) Any recordings online?

I don't know of "?uestlove". Do you mean high and popping like a Bill Bruford snare sound?
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