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Default Re: Jimmy Chamberlin

Jimmy's jazz flavor is bar-none, imo. Listening to and practicing to the pumpkins has pushed me as a drummer to really focus on my accents, my fills, and keeping the hi-hat moving constantly as a time-keeper and as extra percussion. Any of those songs aren't just songs to jam to; you can study those songs and really learn from them. There's rarely an uninteresting moment in any of Jimmy's catalogue, and I can remember even as a teenager being able to pick out my favorite fills from "Bodies" and "I Am One", not even knowing the first thing about drums.

Still can't figure Jellybelly out, keeping that hi-hat in perfect time while keeping that beat full-force. And yet he can make the drums sound so powerful, yet keeping the utmost finesse and snare rolls that are so polite and authoritative.

My second influence is Matt Cameron but even Matt doesn't come close to the finesse and powerhouse drumming that JC brings forth. And don't even get me started on the Complex ^ _ ^
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