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Default Re: Squeaky double bass drum pedal

You may want to take the pedal apart and clean everything that moves. I took mine apart sometime last year after a couple years of ownership and cleaned everything up, removed gunk from everything. Put it back together and felt little difference in feel. I took it apart again, and this time took my bearings and put them in a small plastic container with a lid on it. inside I put a solution called De-Solv-It, or something like that. I just swished the bearings around in the solution for about a minute. I poured the solution out, which was darker than when I had put it in due to it cleaning out the dirt in the bearings. This worked better than anything else i've ever tried, but if you swish the bearings around in a little WD40 that will also work. Finally I put my pedal back together and it felt noticeably different, but was still lacking something that i knew could be improved on. I finally realized the hinge at the bottom of the footplate. Took that apart and that was the dirtiest part of the pedal. Made a massive difference when I put it back together.

Anyway, the main morals of the story are clean gunk out, clean your bearings well, and don't forget about the hinge at the bottom of the footplate.
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