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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

KZ ...

pic#1 - is that a crash sitting on a ride?

pic#2 - two snares? One with snares on, the other with snares off? Cherry kick looks cool.

MindDrummer (MD?), another charming bass drum. How's it sound?

Freddie, it's my only kit. In the 70s/80s I had a Rogers four-piece (snare, 22" kick, 13" mounted, 16" floor) with roto toms, hats, ride, crash, crash-ride and a grungy old cymbal someone had thrown away that sounded like a China.

When I stopped playing it took 8 years for me to bring myself to part with it. I only retained the vintage snare I'd kept from my first kit because I'd been told by a drum teacher that it was valuable, the crash ride and a 6" splash. Had bought a djembe during the long hiatus. Needless to say, got a band offer 6 months afterwards and borrowed or hired kits.

New band is very laid back and drums purely for support. Bought hats, a few stands and stomp box to create a mini-kit. Mostly play snare/stomp/cymbals and in a couple of tunes I play djembe/stomp. Occasionally use "toys" for riding. I like how the kit imposes discipline and forces me to dig deep to find different ways of extracting new voices from it. Also like the cost, the lug, setup/down, environmental friendliness, and general lack of intrusiveness.

Do you have a small kit you can show us? (drum kit :)

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