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Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
T-Pain is a good example. He sings flat on purpose FOR the Autotune effect, but I can't pretend to be a fan of him in the slightest - just not my thing. That is fine in my book because it's being used as a creative effect and T-Pain probably can sing in tune for what it's worth, although the talent of individual singers is not really what this is about for me.

I had this debate a while ago with somebody, he was advocating using Autotune as a way of reaching notes that the singer cannot sing. To me, I don't think that is necessarily a fair representation of the singer and that's defeating the point of what I think Autotune should be used for - which is an effect, not necessarily as a corrective tool. Personally, my aesthetic leans toward imperfection and I like so-called 'mistakes' in music, in fact I think perfection is a mistake in itself and can completely add to the experience. Joy Division not exactly being the greatest players absolutely adds to the listening experience for me and their ways around that are what formed the ideas that New Order used (obviously, that and the death of Ian Curtis, but they were going towards samplers anyway). Sadly, somewhere in the 80's, the idea of the 'perfect take' became obsessive and singers who actually can sing (like Madonna, love it or hate it, she really can) were replaced with flash. Which is commercialism. Music being relegated to a financial asset rather than art is really where the issue is, Autotune is just one misused symptom of that.
Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
The use of Autotune is much, much deeper than you think. Although I don't think it's necessarily a bad tool either. It's just used for the wrong purpose - it is a perfectly applicable tool; a graded pitch shifter and pitch shifting is a very old technique; it goes right back to the earliest tape manipulation, only now all that has changed is the ability to pitch shift and keep the original speed. The Beatles used pitch shifting on numerous tracks, and they even used the technique to put various parts in tune with other parts. There's nothing 'wrong' with Autotune itself, I hope people realise this.
there is nothing wrong with autotune. i have just recently downloaded this program and i think its a great program. The program has been widely acceped but there is a group of people who still don't like electronic drum sets or synths or digatal effects and i see it always being this way...and the number one rule for applying effects is to only use it if it makes the song sound better and it was their personal opinion that it made the song sound better and thats why they get paid big $$$$ to do so...major record lables look for limited studio recording time and more opproutunities to make money and auto tune was their in..the program is great when used properly.

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