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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Baz, I agree with Eddie. Your set is CUTE! Love the little stand on the bass drum for the ride. I'm with you - big lug ins and lug outs are for other people.

Migeuro and Generic, I believe you need to post your setups on the monster kit thread *grin*. Miguero, what's going on with your bass drum? I've not seen that before. It looks eminently luggable. I've been considering adding my 6" splash but that would mean an extra fitting or stand and I'd rather lightly crash near the bell of my 12" hats to get a slightly similar sound.

Grunter, has anyone ever told you that you look a helluva lot like Santa?

Larry, my avatar should tell you that, while my kit is tiny, this is not reflective of my physiology (ahem).
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