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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
What a SMALL world indeed! Now we're talking my family roots eddiehimself. Most of my relatives live in this neck of the woods across the pond. The epicenter of the family tree is Beverley, Yorkshire. I've spent MANY summers in Beverley and all points near and beyond over some 27 years now of travelling over from Canada. LOVE that little town. Between pints at Nellie's {new name now ?} and the amazing Beverley Minster and St. Mary's church the feel and history of that town is tops on my list of favorite English port of calls.

Back to the subject at hand all the best Gregg as i've said before when I first caught wind of your upcoming move.
Nice one! Well yeah nellies still is here i think but now we have some other places as well such as d4nhk and the jaz bar as well as all the old pubs like the tiger, the kings head and the woolpack, if any1 ever is having a drink there then do give no 40 a wave lol. I got my mate to register on here who also lives here, he's promised to post pics of his chrome over vistalite kit so we might be seeing that soon, i think he definetly knows a bit more about the local drinking holes and that.

Actually it's funny because we know sum1 who is canadian and used to live down our street. Probably not related though.
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