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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
What a SMALL world indeed! Now we're talking my family roots eddiehimself. Most of my relatives live in this neck of the woods across the pond. The epicenter of the family tree is Beverley, Yorkshire. I've spent MANY summers in Beverley and all points near and beyond over some 27 years now of travelling over from Canada. LOVE that little town. Between pints at Nellie's {new name now ?} and the amazing Beverley Minster and St. Mary's church the feel and history of that town is tops on my list of favorite English port of calls.

Back to the subject at hand all the best Gregg as i've said before when I first caught wind of your upcoming move.
Thanks again Stan, much appreciated. I'm looking forward to doing some playing with Len!

And hey, no need to be concerned with veering off or on topic! I find it's not uncommon to see this stuff pop up anymore, the world is getting much smaller and even while there may have always been these kind of 'small world moments', I think now it is just more likely to stumble across them. Doesn't make it any less crazy or surprising when you DO stumble across it though!

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