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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
Yeah most music stores in the capital would probably sell you a set of sticks for a tenner but i've started using silverfox sticks which are 8 postage included off Highwood Drums website. Most drum and music shops outside of london would give you a set of your standard sort of vic firth/father/zildjian sticks for 7.99 too.

Haha well i wouldn't worry too much. The public transport in london is possibly the best in the world. Plus i mean James May managed for like 20 years didn't he?

Me? I'm from a small town known as "Beverley". You might know of a DW member called "trysthedrummer", well he lives near me in a seaside resort called "Hornsea". Both of these places are near the fishing port city of Kingston upon Hull. Bit further away but still not too far are York and Bridlington. You can get a train straight from Kings Cross to hull in about 2 and a half hours if you ever fancy a visit up here :).
Thanks, I'll keep a look out for a store outside the city if I need sticks, but as I don't break any really (they just wear out after quite a while), I hope I'm ok for the time being! I just use VF's.

I continuously am hearing how brilliant the transport in London is and that makes me very happy since I am coming from what is likely the worst in the world!

I absolutely fancy a visit anywhere I have never been, actually! Thanks for the invite, are we going to go fishing?

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