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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
Hi there i've been to the capital many a time from my home up here in the north mate. It's a great place to be, lot of stuff going on. It's the sort of place you can live in for years and discover something new every single day it's just so big. None of the times i've been have ever been the same. One thing i would say is that stuff is pretty expensive over here, but then again you'll probably be earning more money so it's okay really. Free healthcare too :).
I'm only too aware of how expensive everything is! 10 quid for drumsticks. Maybe I should say this to the Brits that reply on this thread: anything you guys need that I can ship to you before I leave!?=)

Whist I AM glad to hear that you can always find something new in London even after years, because that is a great thing to experience, my lack of direction sense makes my really terrified!

Once again, I appreciate the support and introductions. Where in the north are you, Eddie?

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