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Default Re: Hardest instruments to play

Originally Posted by drumhead61 View Post
I would have to second the theremin as the toughest to play and put it at #1 you want to see the difficulty check this out:

that is really a freaky instrument...
I think my fav (OK I know my fav) thereminist is Pamelia Kurstin (yup even more the Rockmore)

[and this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I think she's kinda cute - doens't hurt to look at though ;) ]

she does some great, very musical stuff

here's some example stuff

she'll ocasionally show up on "spinning on Air"

one travesty -- So I was watching Saturday Night Live a couple of years ago and they had some pretty normal "I'm promoting my album/concert and Bud is shoving it down your throat" band as the musical guest.
But the filler music as they cut to commercial -- guess who was sitting in on theremin

Why the hell they didn't have HER as musical guest...

The days of having Leon Redbone as musical guest are just gone I guess


One thing that always weirded me out -- "trad" as much as there is one theremin has the pitch antenna on the right hand (though you see a lot of people play reverse)

now good ole lev himself was a cellist -- I would have thought he'd tend to put it the other way 'round
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