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Default Re: Hardest instruments to play

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
That's interesting. I'm surprised no-one's mentioned the pedals, to me that's the most difficult aspect of the concert harp (my sister is a harpist, among other can see her in action here). You set the key signature with the pedals, so if you've got anything chromatic or a sudden key change, you have to move the pedals to the corresponding sharps and flats (one pedal for each note, with three positions). Not only that, but you have to try and do it quietly!
That sounds a lot like steel guitar. The high-end ones have a row of foot pedals for changing pitches, and also knee levers. So a guy is picking the strings with a hand full of finger picks, and using the bar and trying to eyeball it over the frets for pitch. Granted they can slide around a lot but as they advance up their their competitors rip them to shreds for playing out of tune, sort of like blowing flat if you play sax.
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