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Default Re: Hardest instruments to play

good thing with the stick is there was a body of touchstyle technique before it (used to play a polycarb myself) -- I think some folks get thrown b/c most guys that move to it are guitar players and have trouble intiailly getting the symmetry/independence (that both hands are "equal partners" as greg howard puts it) -- pianists maybe have an easier transition

Theremin is quite difficult in terms of body control - at least in getting rolling (that's all I can comment on)

(Franch) horn, esp double can be a bad daddy

Pipe organ [mom in law is a pro pipe organist] can be a challenging shit management issue and requires a lot of independence ... all the "OMG that's a lot of complicated stuff" that is readily apparent, when you get to it, there's even more

double bass can have some physical challenges on some relatively small muscle groups

I've only blown on one, larger (bass and contrabass) flute seems like it'd be hard in terms of wind efficiency -- though maybe you learn adaptive techniques as you go

Each instrument can present different difficulties - some in basic sound formation, some do better within their "central range" but are harder in their extended range, some have more shit management, some are physicially taxing

so I think they can have different curves - and that's some of why I think we get "oh that's easy to learn, but hard to play well" vs "it's hard to even get a sound out of" and all that

I will say, I don't think difficulty itself is a good metric of a musician's (or instrument's) merit -- I can misadjust an instrument and make it instantly difficult to play
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