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Default Re: Vic Firth Nova sticks?

Originally Posted by mrchattr View Post
Wow, I can't disagree with the assessments in this thread more. My in-laws got me a brick of these sticks for Christmas, and they are HORRIBLE. Inconsistant as heck, many pairs have one stick that is slightly lighter than the other, they break way more frequently than the Silver Fox sticks I use regularly (and more often than the standard Vics I used to use), a few of them had dead spots on the tips (these were wood tipped, not nylon)...

Honestly, there wasn't a single pair in the brick I used more than when I first tried 'em out. Not one. It's important to practice as you play, and these sticks make that all but impossible. It sounds like I may have just gotten a bad brick...but that's the never know if that is going to happen to you with these sticks...and if it does, you can't really complain and get a refund/new sticks like with the regular line-ups.
It does sound like you got a bad brick, because mine arrived today, and they're freaking awesome. I can't believe I only paid $30. They played just as good as any Vic Firths I've owned. I love them.

Thanks for all the reviews.
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