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Originally Posted by andSometimesY View Post
Of course Neil isn't the most technically proficient drummer on the planet, but he is a worthy inspiration. The man has chops, speed, and creativity. He was the reason I started playing drums. I think that the wave of drummers influenced by someone like Peart will turn out a lot better than those influenced by Barker or Jordison, so I don't understand the Peart bashing.
I guess this get's to the heart of what is wrong with some players these days - it's all about faster, harder, and if you can't do JoJo Mayer push/pull to 350bpm you ain't worth sh*t!!! BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC?

Neil Peart's a great drummer, but his GENIUS is in the parts he creates for the songs; how he builds from one section to another throughout a song with detail and logic, not to mention how what he plays works with the other instruments. I've been learning many of his parts beat for beat (well as close as I can get) for a gig, and the more I listen, the more the shape and intent behind the parts astounds me. Maybe he's just doing a lot of it on intuition, but then in some ways that's even more impressive.

I always think the sign of a great musician - the thing we aspire to but so rarely achieve - is that someone can hear us play and know it is us. That's not about how fast you can play - BB King can do that with one note! It's very hard for drummers in rock music to assert that kind of character, and the fact that Neil Peart has a distinct approach (well, up to when they got too inspired by The Police post Moving Pictures) is another testament to his greatness.

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