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Default Re: Phil Rudd

Are they all DAFT?? How do they not hear what HAS to be played in the tunes?
I can just imagine it. There's this new guy on the stool playing that big frug beat. He starts to doze off when they figure, "Mmm, I could just slip a little sneaky bit in there to catch the rhythm guitar". Meanwhile Phil just keeps going chug-chug-chug and everyone goes ape.

It's funny, but a lot of musos and fans just love for us drummers to get out of the way so when a drummer rolls over and says, "Ok, I'll be your drum machine if that's what you want" then everyone says how great they are LOL

But can I please just have one fill in this number? There's a spot just before the bridge that's screaming for a bit extra to kick the song along. Pretty please??

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