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Originally Posted by theindian View Post
I don't know if you could say his playing is "magical",(as stated in an earlier post) but it does fit the music. AC/DC songs usually only have 3 to 4 chords at most & maybe 2 or 3 sections in a song. Complex drumming would take away from the solid rock feel, which is why more technical players might not fit the sound. He is solid but not "magical."
Indy, although I see what you're driving at, how is it those drummers who HAVE been a part of the band in Rudd's absence couldn't fit themselves to the music? Are they all DAFT?? How do they not hear what HAS to be played in the tunes? How is it their groove doesn't have the same feel (even CLOSE) to that of Rudd?
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Originally Posted by westerner1 View Post
I think he gets more press than deserved because AC/DC is a legendary rock band. Same with Charlie Watts. People who really like AC/DC and the Stones naturally elevate all the musicians in those groups to superhuman status, when in fact they are all average in talent, but write awesome music. Phil and Charlie would likely meet any induction into a great drummers club with raised brows, though. I don't think either one even tries to compete with other drummers in the talent department or even cares to.
I really like this Westy, I too don't think they're in any competition. I see them as trying their damnedest to compliment the tune they are playing in the special ways that they are able too. Though I DO see their superhuman status as being warranted. As simple as each of these drummers are, I've yet to see even ONE other drummer pull off something CLOSE in doing a cover of their tunes. No, I'm not knocking the other drummers, there have been some EXCELLENT versions that I've heard, but all lack that "special something" that keeps these (and a few other) "simple" drummers in the forefront of drummers we ALL can learn from.
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