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Author: Easy Music Lessons

Title: The drum collection

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Well, first let me say that I've never trusted drum instructional sites. I've always had some pre-judgment like "this is lame" fashion. I'd always thought that this thing was not for me. But, last year I needed some extra cash (my gf got fired but our mortgage was still there) so, I've started to work at nite. That interrupted my practice sessions and my willing to teach. So, I decided to try with this DVD set to see if I could get some ideas, and well, did blow my mind away. Not only the material is great, also the drumming approach and a logical learning sequence. Brandon went from the basics to really advanced studies, and It didn't cost me that much. It is a 5 DVD package all in one and the one who is covering the funk style, really gets into depth of many variations of styles. Really Worth it!.

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