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Default Re: Need help with YYZ

Originally Posted by pbm2112 View Post
Guy's and girls - I have a gig coming up and am struggling with the first drum solo in YYZ. I just can't figure it out... it sort of sounds like triplets rolling down the toms, but with an accent just before he moves on to the next tom? It's a classic Peart lick, there's loads of it in The Weapon too. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it. I LOVE that fill and have a month to nail it!!! THANKS!!


That gig sounds like it's gonna be a blast! Wish I could be there, but alas, I'm all the way in Atlanta, GA, quite the ways from you! Anyhow, I believe I have the explanation on the fill you're having trouble with.

You're thinking triplets, but it's actually the single stroke four rudiment! He starts on the snare, then, as you know, goes down each tom until he hits the crash (you know that part, I'm sure). On the snare, the dynamics for each stroke is about the same - same volume for each stroke. But on each tom going down, each of the four strokes crescendos, the next note louder than the previous one, with the fourth stroke being the loudest. What makes the roll sound so smooth as Neil transitions to the next tom is that as soon as he hits the fourth stroke the loudest, he's already striking the next tom softly to begin the next single stroke four crescendo. Of course, this is happening very fast, which is why it sounds so smooth.

So the short of it is that it's a single stroke four rudiment, first stroke softest, last stroke loudest, next tom first stroke softest, last stroke loudest, and so on. If done right (that is, the way Neil makes it sound!), when you're on the lowest tom it should sound very impactful and loud as you strike that last note of the single stroke four, then crashing at the end.

Hopefully I explained it ok. Give it a shot, play it out, and let us know if it sounds right to you. I'm really curious!

I invite anybody who thinks I'm wrong to correct me (or those who think I'm right to confirm me!), but I think (strongly) that this is what Neil plays on that section of YYZ.

Have fun!
Omar Alvarado, The Paradiddler
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