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Default Re: My Premier Genista

Originally Posted by rapreston View Post
Hello, is anybody interested in buying a Genista kit?

compromises of standard toms: (all with the RIM's system)
10x8, 12x8, 13x9, 14x10

Floor toms:
16x16, 18,16

Bass drum:

All in the colour Terraverdi (green)

The kit uses a full rack system, has a double bass drum pedal, 5 various cymbals (including zildjian, sabian) and paiste 402 hi hat, varios hard ware is included.

I am also selling the whole kit with a hardcase set to go with it.

this link takes you to premier brochure with the drums in, pages 6,7,8 + 9

This is the site for the cases

I can do pictures on request

How much? Where are you at? etc, etc. . . .
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