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Originally Posted by Gretsch'em View Post
Hi Frank,

I noticed recently on your website that you studied with Jack DeJohnette. Do you mind telling us what sort of material you studied with him ? Like what did he make you practice etc ?

PS, What model kit are you playing on the Complete Modern Drumset Excerpt's ???

Regards Gretsch'em
Jack didn't request that I practice anything. Some of the main things were.. grip, how tightly you hold the stick, time.. internalizing time as opposed to keeping time with your hi hat. .. and playing tunes etc.

The kit I used on the CMD video is a Noble & Cooley Star Series kit. They don't make them anymore. DW has introduced a similar shell on some current "old school" inspired drum sets.. I don't know what they are called.

I hope that helps a little.
Thanks for asking.
All the best