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Default Re: 22x20 bass drum cases.dont fit!.

[quote=dully;581726....... i purchased a 22x20 protection racket soft case, but it is tight and a bit tricky to pack away i have to put the b/drum on the floor with spurs at the top, the feed the bag over the spurs first as it is tight and a little tricky by yourself, then turn the drum over and get the other side over and zipped up its ok ,spurs stick out a bit but i think the 24" wud be to baggy and wud float around too much, thats not wot i wanted. thanks 4 ur help folks.dully.oh yeah, i might get pissed off with doing that all the time who knows ha ha.[/QUOTE]

24" too baggy, too baggy for what? The 24 would have been a breeze to put the drum in. Now, your sentenced to eternal struggle with a tight bag, doesn't make sense to me.

A baggy bag has benefits, the main one being ease of use. Its pretty crazy to struggle with tight drum bags, which also increase your chances of scratching the drums finish when taking on/off.

There's no written law that says your bags need to fit tight. Also no scientific proof a tight-bag is better at protecting drums, they actually offer 'less' protection. More padding is what you want, not less.
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