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Default Re: Pearl Session Studio kit

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
Now then Sarge that's a really nice kit, very interesting cymbals, some are absolutely great, others are slightly "budget" but they'll still do right? Haha don't be too angry with me but my mates have started calling me "the sarge" not that i'm worthy of such a title or anything!
Thanks for what you've done. Especially on this weekend i shall remember you and all your buddies as well as our lot in iraq and Afghanistan just like i remember "them" (i shouldn't even have to remind anybody who "they" are, should i?)
Thank you, as always I appreciate the support. The "Budget" cymbals are basically to fill a very broad range of sounds. I have a plan for this kit, and it involves more people playing than just me. I'm not stopping with what i have either, next cymbal add ons will be the K and K Custom series.

Originally Posted by Calummordue View Post
Thats a really nice Kit, I think u need a bigger rack though!!
haha, yeah i've been looking at the other pearl racks as well as the gibralter racks, i just can't decide on what i want.

and i forgot to point out that the reason the 14" tom has a Remo pinstripe head and they others are all Evans is because i'm an idiot and accidentally picked up a clear 14" evans head instead of a coated one like the others lol.
My Kit: Pearl Wood and Zildjian Metal, nom nom nom! ^.-
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