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Default Re: Pearl Session Studio kit

Alrighty everyone! I'm back in the States! and as promised... MY SET IS COMPLETE! well, it will never be 'complete', but it's good for now. ..could go for that spaun vented acrylic snare though, man that'd be nice... oh! where was i? ahh, some of the specs have changed so here's the updated specs and pics to match:

Pearl Session Studio: Tobacco Burst (I think)

Toms: 10", 12", 14", 16"
Snares: 14" (Session), 13" (Piccolo), 10" (Popcorn) (All Pearl)
Bass: 22" w/ Tama Iron Cobra Double Petal

Lots of Boom stands with clamped on additional boom stands and a Pearl rack (501 I think)

Hats: 14" A Series New Beat, 13" A Custom Mastersound
Rides: 22" Paiste Blue Bell, 21" A Series Sweet Ride
Chinas: Vinny Caprice Devestation China (Sabian), 19" Scimitar Bronze Hi Boy (Zildjian)
Splashes: A Custom; 6", 8", 10", & 12"; ZBT 10"
Crashes: 17" & 19" A Custom, 17" A Series, 16" & 18" Z Customs, 15" & 17" Paiste 2002s, 16" Sabian AAX, 16" Sabian APX Ozone

Pork Pie Bicycle Throne, Rythem Tec Accessories package (Shaker, Tri-Bell, Egg Shaker, Triangle, and a Tambourine)

and there is a Cowbell that isn't in the pictures but according to my cousin who is hanging onto it, it's "somewhere". =P

Enjoy! i'll be making a second post with just the information so i can link to it in my signature FYI.
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