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Default Re: What are some different careers for us drummers?

I'm in the same situation. I got one more year to decide what to do after high school, and frankly, there's a lot of choice but not a lot of interest. Everyone would rather be a drumming sensation, but like many people already said, there will always be someone bigger and better, and sometimes, even they don't make it. But choice is important. As long as you secure yourself a decent education, you'll always have doors open to you. Its not like I can say for certain, I've yet to go through this , but I suspect that striking a balance is the best. Find something you'd also love doing, or at least wouldn't mind doing, and make sure you start on it. In the meantime, practice like crazy, jam, and keep improving. But I'd say never give up on education unless you're fine scraping by with the bare minimum.

I plan on majoring in Psychology at the UofA. It'll take up a lot of my time, but what else is there to do besides drumming, realistically? Riight?
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