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Originally Posted by drumbumhamza View Post
Hey George,
Its good to have you here. I want you to know that you have a major fan following here in India. (That includes me too)

Now theres this major problem I'm facing. When I practice on the floor, I seem to have complete control over my feet up to 210 bpm. However when I play on the kit the same motion is not translated to the skin. I've figured out that there is a slight lag in the slave pedal. Other than replacing the pedal is there any way of overcoming this problem?

Also any verdict on the demondrives ?

(PS I'm a good friend of your lawyer Mr. Shashwat Gupta hehe)

Hey man,
give to my brother Shashwat my greetings!

The Demon Drive is an awesome pedal,totally amazed from the quality and the features it has.I played it for 2 days when i was in Finland for a Clinic with Pearl.I still use Axis though,i am using them for the last 8 or so years and they are definitely work the best for me.

Practicing on the floor doesn't really help...If you want to do serious work get on your drumkit,period...
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