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Originally Posted by Morbid Koala View Post
Huge Ward fan! Sometimes I think his amazing good nature and personality eclipse his stature as a drummer. That shouldn't discredit his gift to music.

Always wondered why Bill played a 22" kick. When I'm watching the old Paris 1970 performance I wonder what it would have been like if he was playing at least a 24" or 26". It bums me out that Sabbath was never as documented as Zeppelin, especially in their best years 70-75.

Also wondered how much better his drums (and entire band) would have sounded had Sabbath enjoyed the great engineering that Zeppelin did (although Page would probably discount the role of the engineer to his role of producer).

And then I catch myself and say 'oh right, he's in Black Sabbath and I'm not'. But Bill is the man. His ego couldn't fit into a matchbox he's so down to Earth (no pun intended) and on the level. He is one 'rock god' I wouldn't even hesitate to walk up to and shake hands with.
I agree Morbid Koala. Nice and accurate comments towards Bill Ward, I am also his fan. Actually, Bill uses 2 - 26" x 14" bass drums since 1998.
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