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Default Re: What are some different careers for us drummers?

Scary thoughts! Ya, when I was 16 and 17 my junior and senior years of high school I was in several garage bands that went completely nowhere. All the people thought they were going to be the next musical sensation and be famous, rich, etc. All the snot-nosed jock types just knew the next college recruiter or pro recruiter would be knocking on their door to sign them. They knew they would be the next sports sensation and acted like it.

Then we all graduated and thought "What happened?!" Out in the real world, people don't think I'm the coolest cat around. People don't think I am the musical wonder my friends thought I was. There are millions of people who are just as good or better at sports than I am. People don't kiss my butt anymore and stroke my ego like I'm used to!

It sucks when reality hits you in the face like a brick! The real world can be a real bitch at times! Where are the people that just knew the real world would kiss their butt and stroke their ego? Those guys either started flipping hamburgers or working construction or working at car washes. Yeah, real successful, huh? I ran into one of the dudes I had the unfortunate pleasure of going through school with. This dude just knew he was the next Buddy Rich-caliber drummer to come along. This dude acted like he invented drumming and nobody knew more than he did. He had the big ego, lots of trash talk, bullying others, etc. Guess what, I ran into him one evening and he was working full time at a greezy porno shop renting porn movies to make a living because he couldn't do anything else. Too egotistical and too smart to go to college....

I wound up graduating from college with a Business degree and working as an accountant, financial analyst, IT geek, technical writer, etc. Thank goodness my parents instilled in me the importance of a decent education. Even with a business degree and lots of computer science classes, staying afloat and putting food on the table sometimes was hard. The economy tanks, businesses fail, or lay off people, job skills become obsolete, etc. Years later I finally got a MBA. I'm now making decent money with a decent position in telecom, but man! It was hard!!

As for music, I still am totally nuts about drums and music and look for other like-minded people to play music with. But the last 4 bands I have been associated with or was a "founding" member of have fallen apart because real life gets in the way and people have real jobs, family responsibilities, medical problems, etc. Nobody's fault. Just the way the real world is.

Good luck!
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