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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

First gig at 16 at a party - put my beater through the kick drum first song.

Age 19 and had a pub gig lined up. Was drunk and other stuff after a work Xmas party in the afteroon, fell asleep on the train home and ended up running late miles out of the way. Caught a cab home, quickly packed my gear in the car and arrived t the pub only to realise I'd left my snare at home. Mercy dash back.

Then the pub filled with bikies who got drunk and created chaos. Our percussionist had some substance during the break and then starting doing choke licks with my crash cymbal just as I hit it. *Clang!* Lead guitarist threw up in the break after having a hard night beforehand.

Age 21, playing at a rough pub near a wharf. As we were setting up the "day crowd" - wharf workers - were still drinking. A woman storms in, screams abuse at her husband at the bar and hurls a steel beer tray at him. He ducks and it hit the guy next to him in the side of his head. His head opened up like elevator doors - blood everywhere!

He goes off to the toilet to get bandaged up and then got wildly drunk through the evening, concussion and all. We were packing up at the end of the gig. Then he got up and started staggering around. He blundered into the Bose PA speaker, sending it crashing down onto our singer's flute, which was lying in its open case on the floor. The flute ended up shaped like a V.

In later years there were the usual supports for big name bands whose sound engineers would sabotage our mix in case we upsteged them. One time they left low level feedback howling out of the PA and walked away, leaving us to try to play through the noise. Another time, another band ... my foldback was: snare - audible, kick - deafening, toms and cymbals - almost inaudible. Bleagh.
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