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Default Re: What are some different carrers for us drummers?

Yes. I was exactly the same at the end of high school. I wanted to be a musician, full-stop. It took 12 years of low-paid gigs to realise that the dream wasn't going to materialise. I think it was INXS's success that made me face reality. They were a bit younger than me and started around the traps a couple of years after my main bands, yet they'd "made it". I looked at my band and manager - self-indulgent bunch of unorganised pot-heads that they were - and thought, "You've got to be kidding", and left.

I've since done a couple of courses and now work in HR reporting and statistics, and recently started in a new band. We plan to take the restaurants and wine bar scene by storm before some fat A&R guy with a cigar in his mouth wanders up to us after a gig and says, "Boys and girls, I gotta gig for you at the Entertainment Centre!" :)

Reality really does suck at times and it can be hard to know what to do. On one hand you've got the stars saying things like, "I always knew what I wanted to do and all ya gotta do is is follow that dream and never let it go!" when they forget the massive role luck played in their success (unless they are freakishly talented and/or obsessively pursue their goal with iron-clad discipline).

Look at Caddy. He's classically trained and no doubt has chops even coming out from where the sun don't shine ... and he has to do all those things to make a living.

Then you have all these negative-sounding old people saying, "Hardly anyone gets there. Get a job and enjoy it as a sideline".

What sounds more attractive and life-affirming? No contest. That's how construction workers are created.

There are, as Caddy said, so many people wanting the same thing that only the super-talented, super-disciplined and super-lucky get there. There are thousands of musically gifted people out there doing normal jobs (not me, I'm pretty average, but really fine players).

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