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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

Let's see:
  • Regal Tip 5B Wide - A good supply of my main stick (5-10 pairs, depending on how many I've broken since my last bulk purchase :-)
  • Pro-Mark Hot Rods - Just the one pair. I don't use these much, but it's nice to have a quieter "stick" when we're working something out in the rehearsal room
  • Regal Tip Blastick - Again, just one pair. An even quieter "rod" type stick.
  • Brushes, unknown brand - I'm not a brush player, but I figured I had to at least have a pair available :-)
  • Vater Professional Drumming Gloves - According to a number of people on this forum, I have these because my technique sucks (this is based purely on the fact that I use gloves, not on actually seeing me play), or because I'm not a real drummer (because real drummers actively seek out blisters, apparently). The real reason is that I like playing with gloves, both because of the enhanced grip, the protection and the feel. Go figure.
  • Felts and sleeves - Because house kits often lack these essential items.
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