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Default Re: Mics Inside Drums - Who Does It?

Sounds like a terrible idea to me - you'd have to be super careful between gigs not to dislodge the mics inside the drums...and if you did you'd have to re-tune...

Also I image the sound from inside the drum is really different from the outside.

As far as the kick drum goes Bonham had no hole, he miced the beater side as well. He had quite a good sound, don’t you think.

Mics on stage are a little annoying, but not that much of a pain…a good sound guy can mic a kit in a matter of minutes and get a good sound. (it's there job)

This seems kinda over the top to me…but whatever works for some don’t work for others…(do many of the pros do this?)

(You’re a bass player right? Ok this explains things.).
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