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Default Re: Mics Inside Drums - Who Does It?

There are mics made specifically for the inside the drums, but I wouldn't think it would sound better than regular mic'ing, other than in the kick.
the company that nakes dedicated internal mics is called 'may mics'. an excellent product that uses the capsules of leading mic companies (AKG, Shure and Senheiser), but May mics are ludicrously expensive. the reason is that there are two other pitfalls or internal micing that the company over comes and i have to an extent overcome through trial error. these are:
slap sounds
a sharp spikey slap even from a nicely tuned floor tom folloed by the tone of the drum. terrible. sounds like and explosive click and hurts the ears.
tube sounds
can amply be demonstrated using a christmas paper wrapping inner tube. ask your mom to tak to you through it. here voice sounds all hollow. it makes a tom sound like a basket ball...not good.
both these are avoided by perfectly correctly placed quality mics, but this is where the difficultly arrives. as you muddle your way through placement you have to take a whole head of each time and retune. through trial and error i have found an angle of about 45 degrees to the head and a distance of three inches seems o work but this changes with the make of mic and diaphragm size sp be warned.

i will type more on this topic and include some pictures later.

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