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Default Re: Mics Inside Drums - Who Does It?

phaedrus asked me....
Anyway, we have a few questions about placing mics inside drums.

1. Does there need to be any isolation between the mounting bracket and the shell? From your pics, it looks like you don't. Does/could this allow unwanted pick-up by the mics?
it can cause constructive and/or destructive interferance as well as damage to cheaper mics. my mounting is actually isolated. the black bit is a rubber clip on strip that i have inverted and wired/taped to a bicycle spanner.

2. Where should the mic cable exit the shell? The 1/4" hole already in the shell needs to be kept free, doesn't it? Do you have to drill another hole?
the vent needs to remain free for propper funtioning of the drum. for my floot tom i was forced to drill a XLR sized hole and then i put in a countersunk female XLR jack into the shell. my tome were already drilled as they were from the generation of drums before float monting. so i used the exsisting hole which was (thankfully) almost XLR sized. these sunken XLR jacks anser your third question.

3. The point is that the mics stay permanently fixed in the shell - I assume this includes the mic cable being permanently being attached to the mic - how is this cable connected to the snake/mixer? Long dangling loop that's un-coiled for gigs
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