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Originally Posted by Big_Philly View Post
I think so too. I myself lean towards their earlier material, I actually enjoyed When Dream and Day Unite (their 1st album with Charlie Dominici on vocals) most. Six Degrees is a masterpiece, but Train of Thought, despite having some great stuff on there, had a tendency for the songs being too long and repetitive.
In my point of view it all went downhill from there. Some good music on Octavarium and Systematic Chaos, but as a whole it's beginning to sound like more of the same to me.
Personally, I've never been much a fan of When Dream and Day Unite. I think it has a few good songs on there and some good concepts, but it has too much of an 80's feel to it that I'm not much of a fan of.

It does seem though that DT is moving towards a more heavier side now. But never the less I always find interesting new concepts that I've never thought of in all their albums.

But Six Degrees is definatlly a masterpiece, I could not agree more.

Also Metropolis pt. 2 I think is also a master piece. Its very rare to find a band that is capable of telling a full on story or play through their music.
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