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Default Milliamp Question

OK - here's a question for all you electronically savvy people.

I have a Yamaha drum machine that I love. Model # RX8. Have had it for close to 20 years.

Recently, the power adapter died. Has a short in it or something. It is a 15v, 500ma output adapter. I need a replacement as I want to use this machine in a master class in two weeks.

The only thing I can find as a replacement is RadioShack adapter. However, it is a 15v, 1000ma output adapter. So it has twice with millamps.

Would the extra 500ma damage my drum machine or does it not really matter? I didn't buy the RadioShack adapter (yet) because no one in there seemed to be able to answer how the milliamps matter.

Help! Thanks
Shane Fowlkes
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