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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I know what you mean, Casp3. Chris Franz of Talking Heads is about the only drummer I can think of who plays such simple rock beats and even Chris shows a lot more variety!

Still, I heard that ACDC had Chris Slade drumming with them for a while and he did some very nice playing with Manfred Mann's Earth Band. A good player. Yet, when Phil Rudd returned the other Accadacca members reckoned it brought something back to the band that was missing.

Maybe his simplicity is what they wanted - no adornment, just the straight beat. Also his energy. Exactly what "fire" and "energy" is is hard to put your finger on. I guess technically it means a particular combination of dynamics and the relation of your playing to the beat.

I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If a band and its fans think the band is kicking a*** with a certain drummer, then the drummer must be doing something right.
I think Phil (Rudd) does the job - and He does it dead right for AC/DC or Accadacca (real Aussie term). Must be the reason, why He is Back In Black Ice...and harder than a rock!

Can't shoot, root or electrocute that guy, He is made for AC/DC.

Did I say it right, Pollyanna?....:-)
The back of beyond ...
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