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Originally Posted by CASP3Rdrummer View Post
i don't really understand what is so special about rudd. the only thing he gets props is because he keeps it simple and of course has a very steady and solid beat but explain which professional drummer doesn't keep a steady beat?
Name one professional drummer who does it just like THAT!! If you've followed ACDC you know they've used other drummers when Rudd left, it was no where NEAR the same.

What Rudd has you can't quantify, you can't catalog it, or show a friend. He has that magical something that fits in so well with ACDC that NO other drummer will be as good with the band.

There are bands that get new drummers for whatever reason, and it doesn't matter, it might even be an IMPROVEMENT, but technically "better" drummers have done Rudd's gig, and it was NOT as good.

There's no technical reason for it yet it IS so. THAT'S that special something coming through. You can't BUY it, or make someone else "get it" but it exists in Rudd's playing with ACDC.
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