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Default Re: Something to Ponder

One of my bands (Blues on Fire) recently performed at The Connecticut Blues Challenge. (An annual event that is sponsored by The Ct Blues Society) Our singer isn't the best singer on the planet! He has an honest, sincere approach to our music. He has a way of singing that people seem to relate to. He connects with the audience. People don't seem to notice when he misses a note! We competed against five other bands that night that all had singers that were much better that ours. The audience noticeably responded to us in a positive way. They were dancing and acting differently than they did for the other bands. They liked the reality of our performance. I think that a non perfect singer can be an asset. People seem to relate to a not so perfect singer in a warmer, human, feeling way. It makes them feel like they are part of the music. Perfect isn't always the right answer. People like some flaws.
Of course, We didn't win, We didn't expect to! It was our first year in the competition. It was still noticeable that we were the crowd pleaser. The judges were obligated to give the night to the band with the American Idol vocalist. That's just the way that things work! We expected that to happen!
I kind of like old drums:)

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