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Default Re: Something to Ponder

From the article:
"Craig Anderton, a producer and music writer, observes that Auto-Tune ďgets no respect because when itís done correctly, you canít hear that itís working.

ďIf someone uses it tastefully just to correct a few notes here and there, you donít even know that itís been used so it doesnít get any props for doing a good job,Ē Anderton notes. ďBut if someone misuses it, itís very obvious ó the sound quality of the voice changes and people say ĎOh, itís that Auto-Tune ó itís a terrible thing thatís contributing to the decline and fall of Western music as we know it.Ē "

I'll agree with that. Makes me wonder how often beat matching software is used to correct drummers in the studio.
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