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Default Re: Something to Ponder

That's fine, just run her vocals through autotune at the live shows too!

Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
Spice Girls and Girls Aloud are two of the biggest selling pop groups ever in the UK - they're also perhaps the two most talentless in terms of singing. A huge amount of studio trickery has gone into getting their vocals to sound acceptable. They sell because of the looks and attitude that makes up the brand.
Funny you should mention that, looking back on the Spice Girls, they seem to have so much more personality than an equivalent girl group now...I mean, they actually had distinct voices and personalities, for a start! It's rare to find a boy/girl band like that that isn't just a leader and some backing singers. Manufactured they might have been, but it seems like standards are slipping even in that most overtly commercial of genres!
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