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Default Re: Something to Ponder

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
The use of Autotune is much, much deeper than you think. Although I don't think it's necessarily a bad tool either. It's just used for the wrong purpose - it is a perfectly applicable tool; a graded pitch shifter and pitch shifting is a very old technique; it goes right back to the earliest tape manipulation, only now all that has changed is the ability to pitch shift and keep the original speed. The Beatles used pitch shifting on numerous tracks, and they even used the technique to put various parts in tune with other parts. There's nothing 'wrong' with Autotune itself, I hope people realise this.

Yes, I agree, I was left a bit confused as to what the article was getting at. Tuning correction goes on in every genre of music, even when recording artists that are thought of as excellent singers. Definitely nothing wrong with that if used sensitively - time constraints, not losing an otherwise great take etc.
At the same time, is there anything wrong with using pitch correction as an effect, rather than a 'corrector'? T-pain makes cash from having his own sound, kids love it (I personally fail to see the appeal).
Pop music is often forgettable and musically devoid, but musicality is not it's purpose. Spice Girls and Girls Aloud are two of the biggest selling pop groups ever in the UK - they're also perhaps the two most talentless in terms of singing. A huge amount of studio trickery has gone into getting their vocals to sound acceptable. They sell because of the looks and attitude that makes up the brand.
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